Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Bit of This & That

What's crack-a-lacking?
This & That for moi. 
As far as workouts, I've been participating in Fitnesssista's {free} Summer Shape-Up Plan. 
Whew! It's Great!
I love her how workouts kind of "sneak up" on you in that you don't realize how well they work you body until the day AFTER. 
This week, my calves are screaming! (In a good way, naturally.)

As far as other stuff....

My first time making Tina's from Carrots 'N Cake 2-Ingredient Pancakes (<--Link with Tips).
I think I need to work on perfecting Tina's techniques, but, but overall, I liked it - One of the better non-traditional pancakes I've tried. I kept me full all morning long! Score!!!

The Hubby's "new" car!
It's a gently used Hyundai Genesis - manual 6-speed Rspec (which means not a ton to me, except for I need to now learn to drive a "stick.")
I told my husband I'd proudly be his "hot babe in the passenger seat." Ha!

Poolside Relaxation!
My apartment complex recently opened the pool. 
Oh, yeah. It's been nice going for a quick swim and lounge after work.
(Yep, workout on my tan lines - with SPF, of course.) ;)

Egg + Veggies + Hummus
I just now tried Hummus with my Eggs. The combination is DELICIOUS!
What have I been missing?
Yummy-ness, that's what. 

I lightly sauteed some zucchini in a non-stick skillet with salt and pepper. 
Then, seasoned my eggs with Rosemary (I love rosemary & eggs), basil, salt & pepper.
Add the eggs and tomato to the skillet. 
Cook until eggs are no longer runny. 
Remove from pan and top with Hummus! (I like Red Pepper Hummus.)

What about you? What have YOU been up to lately?

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