Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Bit of "Yum in My Tum"

My, oh, my it is a gorgeous Saturday in Arkansas! 
I had a zip of a morning. 
Before noon, I had my oil changed, wash & vacuumed my car, browsed the farmer's market in town, and finished a 9-mile run. 
Now, I'm showered and relaxin' (and thinking of mustering up the courage to attempt the grocery store - it can be chaos).

I've made and eaten a bit of This & That lately, so, here's a few random blurps of what's been
  Yum in my Tum.


My Current Obsession
Especially since I found this GIANT jar at Sam's Club for about $3.26 (or something like that). I'm a sucker for anything pickled. 

At-Home Egg, Cheese, & Yellow Mustard on an English Muffin.
Yum! Every time I make these, I wonder why I don't make them more often - I love 'em.

1) English Muffin - Toasted
2) 1 egg - in my case, seasoned with rosemary, salt, and pepper
 (Option to spray a ramekin and microwave for about 30-45 seconds, but watch out! You don't want an "egg explosion!)
3) 1 slice of cheese - again, in my case, American 2% (I know, it's processed, I know.... ;) )
4) Mustard

Cupcakes made with Greek Yogurt (instead of oil).
Hungry Girl has a fantastic review on the different types of oil/butter substtitues and the results in cake (highly recommend looking at the site.)
I like the cupcakes with Greek Yogurt - the taste was great, but they fell apart a bit. 
Eh, I'd make it again. 

Oven-Roasted Curried Caulifolower
The idea is from, but my only seasonings were curry powder, salt, and pepper.
I really, really liked it! 
Plus, I didn't feel guilty eating so much at one time.....Delicious!

 Ranch Potatoes with Bacon & Cheese
Okay, hold your horses. I made this dish healthier by using Greek Yogurt + Dry Ranch in place of ranch dressing. Save this couple some major calories. Husband didn't even mention tasting a difference (so, I didn't tell him! ha!)
To make follow THIS RECIPE from Joyously Domestic except swap the ranch dressing for the yogurt + dry ranch. And, sorry, I totally "eyeballed" it. 
I also used real chewy bacon bits instead of "real" bacon (less clean up!)
Oh, and I suggest to use something bigger than an 8x8 dish to bake. 
That's what I used and the potatoes were overcrowded and took longer to cook. 

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