Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Eats & Reviews

(Okay, don't be fooled, I actually doubled that recipe to make one GIANT blueberry muffin.)
Husband review: Tasty indeed, but needs more sugar.


My Review: Pretty Darn Tasty. I have to say, I was suprised at the tastiness and quality of the ingredients. There was not "weird" sausage pieces. If the price were a bit cheaper (Currently, $4/meal), I'd buy it more, but for now, I will buy it if I again have a coupon. (Yeah, I know, I'm a cheap-skate.)


Simple Smashed Avocado on a Toasted English Muffin 
*Drool* This is darn tasty and simple. Just Toast. Mash. Top. 

1) Toast an English muffin (I like Thomas' 100% Whole Wheat),
2) Mash up 1/2 of an avocado and some salt (Trust me the salt is necessary - Do Not Leave Out the Salt!)
3) Top the english muffin with the smashed avocado and salt. Oh, my. Truly, truly yummy.

My Review: Obviously, tasty.


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