Saturday, February 16, 2013

White Chocolate, Cherry, & Almond Cookies

White Chocolate & Almond Cookies are one of my "regular rotation" cookies. 
I have made them a few times, that's for sure!
But this time, it was for Valentine's Day. So, I added a new twist...Dried Cherries 
Thus, they became.... 
White Chocolate, Cherry, & Almond Cookies

The "secret" or "star" ingredient in the cookies is defintiely the Almond Extract. 
Let me just say...I. Love. Almond. Extract.
Like, a lot. 
Probably more than vanilla extract (But Vanilla is more versatile by far). 
Try added some almond extract in your oatmeal, smoothies, or cake next time...Aaaamazing!
*Note: Please, do NOT buy imitation almond (or imitation vanilla, for that fact). Just. don't. do it. Don't. 

These cookies are love
The cookies remind me of a perfect "tea party" cookie - perfectly round and proper, neat and pretty, and have a "shortbread" type of texture. 
They're not your standard or usual cookie such as chocolate chip, oatmeal, etc.
They're a tasty combination that makes people stop and say, "Oh. Oooohhh.

The colors of these White Chocolate, Cherry, & Almond Cookies correspond perfectly with Christmas and Valentine's Day (or any other time you get a "hankerin'.")

Here's the link for the recipe (just add about 1 cup of dried cherries, if desired): Click Here!

P.S. Like I mentioned earlier, I usually make them without cherries, so either way works great. I promise, they are delicious both ways...make however you prefer!

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