Sunday, December 16, 2012

Simple Cream Cheese Danish

 I know, I apologize for the terrible quality of the picture.
Seems I am without a good camera yet again. 
I broke  this one. Something about it being in my purse, not in a case, and possibly getting hit on something that caused the lens to not open and shut correctly. 

Well, I still bake on...Onward!
This recipe has been on my pinterest board for about forever
Hubby loves him some cream cheese danishes. So, when I seen an "easy" and "simple" recipe version, snatched it up, I did. 
The Simple Cream Cheese Danish recipe, courtesy of Food Lush blog, requires a very few amount of ingredients that you probably already have on hand. The recipe uses Crescent Dough as its base with an easy prep cream cheese filling (optional to add jam, if you like). Click HERE for the link. 

So, how was it?
It was easy. 
It was simple. 
But my brain was confused. 
I took a bite and thought firstly, "Oooh, yum, cream cheese-y goodness..." Then, my munching was side-tracked, "Errrr, is that a biscuit I'm eating with my desert?"

Yah. The crescent part of the danish was too "dinner-y" for me. (Not a real word, I know, but you get the idea). Got me thinking I should be eating some pork chops or chicken or something. The Danishes were still tasty, but I didn't think the crescent and the cream cheese filling where a good pairing.

Like I said, I did love how easy these were. If I make these again, but I would not use crescent dough. Or any tips to "sweeten up" a pre-made crescent dough?