Friday, November 16, 2012

Salted Caramel Sugar Cookies

If you are a fan of Salty & Sweet combos, this recipe is for you.
Guess what? I actually didn't find this recipe with my usual "surfin' the net."
I found this recipe (well, perhaps it found me...*sigh*) at the Tea & Spice Exchange in our town.
I had "popped in" the store for some Poppy Seeds and a nice browse. 
While I was browsing, the husband of the husband-wife owner duo asked, "Would you like a sugar cookie?" 
Me, trying to be good and having had a workout that morning, politely replied, "Oh, no, thank you." 
Then he said the words... 
"It's a Salted Caramel Sugar Cookie."
Um, yeah, I changed my mind in .10 seconds.
As soon as the cookie hit my tastebuds....YuMmY!!!
I just had to have the recipe.
And he said, "Are you ready? Just go to the store, buy sugar cookie dough and roll it in our Salted Caramel Sugar."
It's that easy. 
Yes, it is that easy. 

The sugar is a nice chunky sugar, more specifically a Turbinado Sugar (Which is basically a natural brown sugar-click the link to read more if you feel interested.)

Here's the link if you feel you must buy some yummy-tummy Salted Caramel Sugar. 
Yeah, I think you must....CLICK HERE FOR THE YUM!

Plus, while you are there check out all the other amazing sugars, teas, spices, rubs, and salts.
Pretty amazing I have this place in my town. 
I'm a tiny bit in love.

Side Note: 
Now, I will say, I made my own sugar cookies, using ----> Easy Sugar Cookies , simply because I already had all the stuff to make sugar cookies. (However, these cookies were a bit too crispy for my sugar cookie preference and didn't brown like I liked - But you may like a crispier sugar cookie, so, have at it.) Next time, I will either 1) Buy the sugar cookie dough or 2) Use a softer cookie dough recipe. 

P.S. There a lot of links in this post, be sure and check them out!

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