Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Fantastic Taco Casserole"

"Fantastic Taco Casserole" per, of course, 
Here's 'da link, dude---->HERE 

I really liked this recipe, like a lot.
But, then again, I really like taco groud beef and refried beans. Then, add salsa, cheese, AND corn chips. 

Yeah, this is a "make again" recipe.
Very Fast and Easy.
Very Delicious. 

Even though this has corn chips as a bottom layer, one could also layer chips on top for more crunch or use extra corn chips and treat this like dip. 
I like my CrUnCh!

 Check out the Layers:
Layer #1: Corn Chips
Layer #2: Refried Beans (Fat Free), Mexican Cheese, and Salsa-combined
Layer #3: Taco Ground Beef
Layer #4: More Cheese!!!

 Served with a side of Mini Cornbread Cakes...Don't ask for the recipe 'cause I didn't measure. Just said, "Eh, that looks about right."


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