Monday, October 22, 2012

Crockpot Honey Parmesan Pork Roast

Got another Pinterest Recipe for ya!
I've been meaning to make this recipe for, oh, 2 months.
But with all the moving, starting new jobs, going to Florida, and AND forgetting to grab ALL the correct ingredients (darn soy sauce), it just took a while. 
A long while.  

I actually pinned this forever ago and my workout buddy had seen my pin and made it before me. 
So, I had a little insight as to whether this one was a "good 'n" (See: country slang  for "Good One").
She had made it for her and her hubby and said, "'Tis Yum!" (Well, not in those words exactly and possibly with or without a British accent....) 
Har. Har.
She did  say it was good, though!!!

I finally whipped this "sucker" up!
Popped it the the "crocker" (aka "crockpot).
And, bippity, boppity, boo. 

How is it? 
Pretty good! 
Hubby and I approve!
Still not as good as BBQ Pork or Pepper & Sea Salt Pork Tenderloin, but, trust me, this one is tasty. 
Here's the link for the recipe @ Six Sisters' Stuff blog.

I used a Pork Sirloin Roast and scaled the ingredients to better accommodate my less than 2 lb roast.
I served with Chicken Vermicelli Rice & Steamed Broccoli. Oh, yeah, and some Little Penguin Shiraz wine, too. (I am not making it up, there really is a wine brand known as "The Little Penguin" and we may or may not have purchased more than one bottle just because it's called "The Little Penguin". Click the link...See?)

***Recap of A.M.Workout: Treadmill Interval Workout (25 min) & Weights-Legs, baby! (25 min)

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