Tuesday, October 30, 2012

7Up Biscuits

7Up Biscuits

Found 'em on Pinterest, which lead me to Monster Mama's Blog (which is sweeet).
Unfortunately, my 7Up biscuits aren't as pretty as hers.
Wow, that sounds a bit "whine-y", huh?
But it's true!!!

Now that's out my system (for now). 
Go check them out on Monster Mama's Blog HERE.

Bread-lovin' hubby liked the 7Up Biscuits.
He said, as he plowed through the casserole, "I just want to get back to that bread" and "These are the kind of biscuits I grew up on." 
Hubby was pleased.
These were easy. 
And, the more I ate, they can be a bit addicting. 
The texture is great. 
This is a basic biscuit dough, so, next time, I might feel a little "froggy" and add some spices or cheese.
Oh, my.

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