Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quiche Lorraine...Wow 'Em?

*NEW* Recipe Test!
This one is from & titled as

Now, that there is BIG talk....

Did I "wow 'em?"

Was it "Quick N Easy?"

First, the back-story.
A very nice elderly couple from our gym had given myself and my friend a quilt each.
I have this thing with quilts.
I love them!
 I feel like quilts take a lot of time and love and feel very privileged when someone decides to give me one. The crazy amount of time they take and, generally, they are one-of-a-kind.
 Enough of my "quilt spew." 

Back to the food.

I like quiche, except for the pie crust (*ick* pie crust)....
Side note: **Crustless quiche almost a frittata???**
For that reason, I have never really mastered (or even remotely attempted) the art of making pie crust. buy one or search around for an alternate recipe?

Found "Quick N Easy Quiche Crust"  , also on
Perfect substitute!
The flakiness resembled that of traditional pie crust, but tasted way better...the olive oil in the quiche shell complimented the eggs and other yummies it held. 
Plus, it was 4 ingredients, if you count water as an ingredient, and it was ready in, like, 2 minutes.
2 minutes!
I would definitely use that pie crust recipe again! 

As for the quiche "innards" itself...Quite good!
This recipe uses sour cream and not heaving whipping cream.
Which is awesome in my opinion-I'd rather have sour cream any day!

I followed the recipe except added Swiss cheese with my Cheddar.
Also, I used black pepper bacon
Added a tiny bit of Dried Dill.
It was yum!

Now, did I "Wow-em?"
Not sure....the couple did call and thank me, said they enjoyed it, and had eaten it for super.
So, I know they liked it...not sure if I "Wowed 'em."
Nevertheless, It was really good quiche and made somebody's belly full and happy.

Was it "Quick N Easy?"
I can answer that from the cook's point-of-view...

This is even BETTER the next day! Delicious! This may be my go-to breakfast potluck dish?

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