Monday, April 23, 2012

Suprise 13.1

Yes, a "Suprise 13.1 HALF-MARATHON!"

What crazy person decides to just up and run half-marathon not planned?
A person who is active, runs a bit as part of their workout, slightly off-balance, and is offered a free entry registration for a half-marathon. 

To be fair, I do run some already-Probably about 7-10 miles a week. 
I work out about 4-5 days a week and usually my rest days involved something low impact activity 
(i.e. walk a couple of miles or bike about 30 minutes). 
I do cross-train. 
I run, rock the elliptical, walk, bike, do intervals, and strength train.
So, I am moderately fit.
However, the farthest I have ever ran is 7 miles. 

I had contemplated running our local half-marathon.
However, I have other priorities that I thought training would interfere with and figured I participate in one in the fall.
Well, surprise, surprise.  
Fall came a bit early.

2 days before the race, an individual (a "he") in our company offered a free entry to a friend (who would be out of town at the time of the race). She then suggests "he" offer it to me.
After about 5 minutes of me going, "Omigosh, I don't know if I can do this!"
I accepted.

I may have later freaked myself out by watching a video of the route.
Considered backing out.
But didn't.
Since I had a couple days notice, I did eat more carbs the day before 
I did get plenty of rest the night before.

How'd it go?

I awoke about 1 1/2 before the race (5:30 a.m.) and ate my oatmeal and toast.
I arrived at the race at about 6:20 
I found a pace group I thought I would attempt to keep up with- the 2 hour and 10 minute pace group.
I had no idea how I'd do.
My strategy was to try and pace myself just so I could finish.
10 minutes a mile...I thought I could do that.
I told myself to just keep moving!
And guess what? 
I finished in right under 2:10.
My first half -without proper training.  
For that, I am pleased with the result!

Factors of my Success:
1) I stuck with my pace group the entire race.
2) I focused on make sure I had proper fuel during the run 
(and also before w/ breakfast & carbs):
At mile 2, I drank a Energy Stacker.
At mile 5 1/2, I at a 100 calorie Clif bar.
At mile 7, I ate half of a Clif performance gel.
At mile, 10, I ate the other half of the Clif gel.  
I grabbed drinks of water or Gatorade at about 5 stops. 

Another factor to my running success?
3) I gabbed to people the entire race-I'm a talker and it really helps get your mind off things! Just puts me on auto-pilot...just run and go...don't think about it.
I just kept talking the whole way-I primarily talked to the pace leaders (a couple a bit older than myself) and a fellow-runner named Pam (a 44 yr old kickboxing teacher). 

I was SO PUMPED for about 1 1/2 after the race-then the adrenaline wore off.

Would I do it again?
Heck, yeah. 

Can't wait for the next one!

As for soreness/recovery. 
I took it easy and sat on my butt the rest of the day.
Yes, I was tired later in the day & took about a 20 minutes nap. 
I did stretch some. But, I'm not a huge stretcher.

I feel even less sore the day after.
 Not nearly as sore as I expected.
Which is awesome.


  1. You go girl! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is AWESOME.

  2. Thanks!!!
    I'm just starving like a crazy person this week now....guess from all the running! ha ha

    You've been doing great, too!