Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Say Hello to My Little Friend...


Yes, they ARE as delicious as they look!
No joke.
This recipe is definitely going in my "Keeper" file of recipe.
For sure a crowd-pleaser.
And a tummy-pleaser.
And a "I want more, please-er".
Har. Har.

So, you know, one day, I'm putting along, looking at Pinterest, and BAM! There are these fabulous looking cupcakes.
I knew once I seen these, I WOULD make them.
It was going to happen.

The recipe found on Annie-Eats will have you drooling.
Her directions are awesome!
AND I followed her recipe 99% of the way...
I only added a heaping Tablespoon of sour cream to the batter for fear of a dry cake.
(Couldn't help it! I've had some dry cake experience with "from-scratch" cakes).

Oh, and I did decorate mine differently...minor change.
Something about the hubby eating some of the Oreos that were suppose to be reserved for this receipe...
BUT, the mini-Oreos are way cute.
When life hands you lemons hubby eats your oreos, make lemonade go buy a cuter garnish!
So, happy little accident.

I brought these to work and  
(after the "Darn you and your cupcakes...I'm trying to watch my weight" remarks)
people LOVED them.

For a made-from-scratch cake...this one was really pretty simple.

Gosh, I love me some cookies and cream.

See Annie's Blog for more!

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