Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grillin' Time & Choco-Peanut Balls

Get it?
Still no? 
Odd, yes. 
But, yummy, nonetheless.

So, we FINALLY got to use our *NEW* grill we received for Christmas.
I LOVE grilled food!!! 

The only protein I had to cook was chicken.
So guess what we had as our first meal on the grill? (Oooh, that rhymes!) 
Not that I'm complaining.
I do like me some chicken. 

I chose a marinade from> Amazing Chicken Marinade

It was good. As I made it, I give it 4 stars
BUT, I didn't have the lime on-hand, so I omitted, and added a bit of dried rosemary.
I only was able to let it marinate for an hour, but the chicken definitely had flavor.  
Hubby said it reminded him of teriyaki.
My thoughts...Yes and no.
The chicken had some sweetness to it (brown sugar), but wasn't the same as teriyaki.
Probably would have been even better with the dang lime!
I would make it again, but I'm not sure if this is our "go to" chicken marinade. 
We'll see.
I also had hubby cook red, yellow, & orange bell peppers on the grill.
I seasoned them with dry Italian seasoning.
I pretty much ate all 3 peppers by myself.
Stinkin' delicious.
Next time, we'll get more char on the peppers for sure. 
'Twas delicious. 

Additional sides: Corn & Broccoli & Cheddar Rice (for hubby)

Now, to Dessert!!!
Choco-Peanut Butter{Honey} Balls
This is a more natural, healthier version of a no-bake cookie, of sorts.
Which is one of my favorite cookies.  

This is simple and yummy.
See the recipe here---->Fit Food Finds
This is a great energy bar type of recipe for on-the-go.
Hence, I like to leave mine in the refrigerator or freeze 'em.

Oh, yum! 

Other recipes this week:
Friday Dinner-Assembly-Style Beef Tacos (Mine was a salad. And, Yes, there IS lettuce underneath all that!
Teriyaki Salmon, Asparagus, & Boiled Sweet Potatoes

(Not pictured) Chocolate chip cookies & chili dogs. Mmmm.

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