Friday, April 6, 2012

Eek! I'm So Excited! ~At-Home, Air-Popped Popcorn!~


Finally took the plunge & tried it - At-Home Air-Popped Popcorn!
I often buy Orville Redenbacher 100 calorie mini bags - they make a great snack.
But I've always wondered if I could make my own popcorn at home that would be cheaper, healthy, and not require special gadgets.

So, I googled it.
Isn't that the answer to everything?
Heck, I even googled how to spell "Redenbacher."
Who can spell that off the top of their head?
Not me, no siree, bob.

Well, now I can.

I didn't want a recipe that required a lot of oil or butter.
I preferred not to use the stove ('cause a bag is easier).
Solution found!

1) Place 3 Tbs of popcorn kernels (found at your local grocery) in a brown paper lunch bag.
2) Fold the top closed and secure with tape.
3) Microwave using the "popcorn" setting (for small bags)
4) Take out and season to your liking.

Seriously, ridculously easy.
Cheaper too.
Plus, you can experiment with different flavors!
I tried it with Frank's red-hot sauce, salt, & pepper last night.
Got a little too hot!
Still yum, though.
Can't wait to try other toppings!

P.S. I sprayed the inside of my brown lunch bag with no-stick spray, however, I think this caused some very light smoke issues...I plan to omit that next time.

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