Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weight Watcher Zucchini Pizza

Reminds me of Sand (Parmesan) and Driftwood (Zucchini Pizzas). Odd comparison, I'm aware.
 Howdy-oh! Hope your Sunday is nice and relaxing! I have been a bit lazy today. This day is now totally self-designated as my "rest day"! After working about Tues-Sat this week, I am a bit tired! Speaking of Saturday, I ran a 5k (2nd in my age group) and shopped for hours! Talk about my kind of day! I went shopping on a mission for 3 items-"unmentionables," a swimsuit, and shoes. Bagged the first 2 of the 3. Darn shoes. I am forever torn between my love of gorgeous, marvelous, high quality shoes and being a tightwad. *sigh* Shall I ever learn? Oh, I've found shoes I liked, but hate paying the $80-$120 per pair. Am I the only "tightwad" or do others share in my thoughts?
What is this post actually about? 
Oh, yeah. 

I spotted this recipe a couple of weeks ago on The blog's creator posts many Weight Watcher friendly recipes. While I myself am not participating in a WW program, I am always game for trying their recipes....they're healthy and almost always delicious.
Plus, I really like pizza and am always searching for a healthier way to go "ma' slice!" (See the related post:

The result? This was yummy, but not "awesome." Would I make it again? 
Would I eat it again? 
It was okay; not at all bad, but not really "pizza" either. But it was tasty and filling. 

I super-big bonus is....I ate all this (2 zucchinis, 'cause I don't know how to follow directions, AND all toppings) for about 250 calories!!!! Stinkin' awesome. I was worried the zucchini would leave me hungry later, but, nope, still stuffed 1 1/2 later! Yippee!

I've posted the link to the recipe below. I want to give props to the original post.

The Zucchini Pizzas did get my "wheels" turning about making stuffed zucchini boats of some sort......

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