Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fiesta Ranch Chicken Burger

250 calories each (w/o bun).

Check Out the CHEESE!!!
Nummer Nummer Nummers (Translation: Yum!)

Wrapped & Secured with a Toothpick
A little Mexicano salutation for ya. 
I figure that is appropriate after tonight's dinner.
Spotted this deliciousness on
Enjoying this blog.  
Spiritual inspiration + Healthy Food = LOVE
Go check it out!

Ooey-Gooey Cheese
The recipe requires ground chicken. 
Ground Chicken is a tad unfamiliar to us. 
 I tried is once before- made chicken meatballs and was kind of "eh" about it.  
The texture is what makes us question our liking of ground chicken.
(Kind of odd that it is a little unknown to us, considering we gravitate more towards chicken for our home-cooked dinners. Anywho.)

I thought I'd give it a "go" again. Seems others I know personally really enjoy the chicken of ground. 
Maybe round 2?
Here goes...

The verdict? 
These were darn tasty.
I will totally make these again.
Yes, the texture was a bit different than ground beef, but not bad. 
The flavor was AH-MAZING.
This was quick, high protein, healthy, & to the point!

Additional Points:
-Served with a side of corn. 
-Hubby had his on a Healthy Life hamburger wheat Bun.
I took the suggestion of the Dashing Dish and ate mine low-carb style (aka wrapped in lettuce).
-Topped mine with Black Bean & Corn Salsa. 

Check out the Dashing Dish site for the recipe!
Oh, Yummers.
Even hubby liked it.  
I am totally passing this along. 

***Also, I OF COURSE didn't have the exactly correct ingredients. I substituted the 2 Tbs of Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch dry mix for 1 Tbs Ranch dry mix & 1 Tbs of the Fiesta seasoning from Tastefully Simple (which is Yummy!). 
I have no doubt this recipe would be just as good if I had used the correct Hidden Valley seasoning. 

Close enough.

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