Monday, March 26, 2012

Assembly-Style Greek Pizza

Hubby is baaaaack.
Back to making "dinner food."
Although, this recipe really doesn't require much cooking....

Before the hubby's vacations, he mentioned wanting some Greek pizza when he returned.
We first had Greek pizza at a local restaurant in our town.
We loved it so much, we decided we must re-create at home!
It's now a reoccuring meal in our dinner rotation.
This is fast (probably takes longer to assemble than to actually bake!), yummy, and defintely better for you than the standard "chain" pizza.

 I had yet to find the "perfect" pizza crust.
I have tried out different ones:
Pillsbury dough (requires dough to be pre-baked, then topped with pizza toppings)
Freschetta Crust (Already baked-just add toppings and bake.)
And, this week, Rustic Crust (already baked).

Previously, in my pizza undertakings, I found:
The Pillsbury dough didn't "hold up" against our massive amount of toppings (Crust was not cripsy!).
Freschetta was okay. Defintely crispier.
Progress made...
BUT, thus far, the Rustic Crust is the best!
(And cheaper than Freschetta, boo-yah!)

Nice & Crispy.

The Crust I used, courtesy of Wal-mart.

It seems I hardly make Greek pizza the exact same.
I mean, I have my always included ingredients, but it's never exact.
I mean, come on!

I always add:
Black olives, tomatoes of some sort, chicken, pizza sauce, feta, oregano
I sometimes add:
red pepper, mushrooms, onions, Mccormick red ppper and garlic seasoning
This time was our favorite!
Just keeps getting better and better!

Pizza Sauce, jarred
1/2-3/4 cup Mozzerella cheese, shredded
 1/3 cup Feta, Cheese, crumbled
Parmesan cheese, to taste
Black Olives, small can
Sun-dried Tomatoes, about 6-7
2-3 Mushrooms, diced
6 oz shredded chicken, diced
Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Basil, & McCormick Red Pepper & Garlic Seasoing-all to taste


1)Top crust with Pizza sauce.
Add cheeses.
Add remaining ingredients.
Bake about 10 min on 425.

Like to add, I think using Sun-Dried Tomatoes made a big difference!
(I generally had used plain Tomatoes).

What about you have a particular brand of pizza crust you use or do you make from scratch?
I would love a good & healthy made from scratch recipe (or an awesome pre-made one)!
Feel free to share!

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