Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Product Reviews: Morningstar's Spicy Black Bean Burger and Quaker's Soft Baked Bar

The Faux Burger

Review #1: Meet the faux burger. I admit, before trying this, I was skeptical-I've had the other veggie burgers. You know, the ones that are suppose to be similar to meat? That totally aren't? 
Well, those had kind of left me with a less than awesome feeling towards meatless burgers. I don't hate them, just don't particularly like them. 
This burger was different-it was not labeled as 'meat-like,' just made of beans. I do like beans (all beans-I always say, "I've never met a bean I didn't like .")  
Holding for quiet snickers and laughs  
Still, I wasn't sold on the whole "suppose to be a burger, but isn't" thing.
What can I say, I'm a glutton for the unknown, as far as food is concerned.
The result? Frickin' Fantastic!!!
I even only microwaved, instead of grilled/pan frying, these suckers. I enjoyed them so much, I was excited that I still had 3 more to eat!!!!! Yay!
They have some 'kick' to them-which I like! But not overwhelming. 
Description is: "Southwestern-style veggie burger with black beans, sweet corn, and tomatoes."
Served this on a toasted english muffin.

120 cal, 11g protein, 4g fiber, an 13g carbs each.
Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talkin' about!

The Cookie-like Bar

Review #2: Okay. Just going to get straight to the point on this one. 
I seriously felt like I was cheating when I was eating these!
They are so. yummy.
Like eating a flippin' cookie!
How can these be good for you, huh? How? 
I love whoever made these-I love you Quaker Oat guy!
140 cal, 6 g protien, 5g fiber, and 25g carbs.
Way better than Kashi and other bars. 
Seriously-I ate this driving to work and was so excited-like a nerd-I proclaimed the tastiness my coworkers as soon as I arrived at work.
I know. *sigh* I do love my oats.

This was the Banana Walnut and it was awesome-established that. They also have a Cinnamon Roll variety. Yeah. I'm buying that this week.

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