Saturday, January 14, 2012

Overnight Oats

Yee-haw! Oats!
I have now successfully made (and liked) overnight oats!
For those of you who know me personally, you, more likely, are aware of my love of oats. Like, I really, really like oats...a lot.
I have made oats using different methods: baked, stovetop, whipped, & microwave .
These include a long list of various add-ins, such as coffee creamer, fruits, maple syrup, milk, protein powder, and so on.
However, one method remains.
Until now...

I have attempted overnight oats on one previous occasion, one unsuccessful previous occasion. It kind of scarred me for a bit. My oats were too, liquid-y, cold, and just not good. Scratched that idea for a while. Then, I was reading and seen she puts yogurt in her oats. Also, there were comments how some people really don't like the texture, or they are odd for folks at first, but then they like them, and so on.
Hmmm...yogurt would make my oats thicker. That would take care of my soup-y-turn-you-off constistency.
Okay. I shall be brave again.

So, I mixed up a carton of Kroger's CarbSmart  Vanilla Chai yogurt, 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats, 1/2 Tbs of milled Flax Seed, and water (just eyeballed it). Just popped a lid on the container and stuck it in the fridge overnight. *Breathe* Here goes....

Okay..opened the container in the a.m......
My texture was great! I actually added more water 'cause I like my oats "loose." Sprinkled in some cinnamon ('Cause I LOVE cinnamon) and ta-da!
They were good!
Totally changed my previous "ugh" feelings of overnight oats. Now I know, I need yogurt for my desired consistency!
*Sigh* So happy to have another  new way to make my oats! Yippee!
Plus, these were great on the go! Just grab-and-go on the way to work! I will definitely make again...
AND with new yogurt flavors...Oh, the possibilities!!!!

Side Note: Kroger's CarbSmart yogurt is Cheap AND Healthy-60 cals, 8g of protein, 3g sugar, and 1.5g of fat...yeah. pretty great, I know-BUT the texture is definitely thicker and different than most yogurts. 

So Happy in My Oat Bliss.

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