Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mini Peanut Butter Cheescakes

Saturday, totally opted out of a 5k I was thinking of running (Hey, it was at 8:00 a.m. in a town 30 min away and it was 20 stinkin' degrees outside!). I made my wal-mart run at about 7:45 a.m.. 'Twas a nice long, enjoying-not-being-trampled-on-by-crazy-weekend-shoppers trip. Seriously. I was there for like  1 1/2 hours. I still managed to spend way too much. Darn walmart. Darn it. Gets me every time. Pretty confident of other Americans feel the same way.

Afterwards, I came home to make this yum-tum dessert. I had been searching for a non-chocolate, easy-to-eat, widely liked, yet with a twist, dessert to take to a Christmas party on Saturday. Hmmmm........What shall that be? To be honest, sometimes (okay, usually), I tend to "over-think" what to make for others. I want it to be something people will like, yet pretty...Oh the pressure!*wink*

It started when I remembered this Caramel Drizzle Pie recipe I had seen (I know Caramel Pie=PB Cheesecakes...HOW? Hang in there with me). I was 'surfin' the net' for my recipes. Then, I thought, maybe not caramel pie, maybe caramel cheesecake. Most people really like cheesecake, right? (Well, it's only "okay" for me. I'd rather have gooey chocolate-y-ness or cake). I thought of doing a traditional cheesecake, too. Wanted different, but not too different where people would be scared to try-hard to believe that not everyone is such an adventurous eater like me :). Found this good ol' Paula Deen recipe per Perfect-o -a "normal" dessert, with a small twist, and the bonus of individual servings!

The recipe is a traditional cheesecake with a mini Reese's cup inside. Like a little happy golden nugget. Imagine receiving THAT happy suprise.

The only 2 drawbacks to this recipe:
1) It was that it was not "pretty" after it cooled. I could see little divets where the the pb cups were. Grrr. Think think. Got it! So, I topped with nuts and graham cracker crumbs.
2) I think I needed to pack my crust a little better. Crust was a bit crumbly. Duly noted.

Turns out, there were a few cheesecake lovers at the party! It went with the roast chicken, mashed 'taters, broc-n-cheese casserole, baked beans, crescents, and apple spice cookies. We all enjoyed a night of the game "True Colors" (I lost) and Wii. Also, heard some good funny stories!

Oh, and even though I missed my 5k, a friend called and we went for a 4 mile walk-jog (10 min mile each). Yeppers.

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