Friday, April 1, 2011

No Recipe....Just a Funny Carrot

No, this is NOT an April Fool's Joke! It's for real!
No recipe right now...I've been too busy!! Grr. Busy-ness is interfering with my cooking aspirations! Darn priorities! Oh, the woes of being more responsible *sigh*. No worries though, I plan to do plenty of cooking in the near future. Yee haw! Oh, let me tell you...I have plans...Muaaahh. Okay. Sorry. Got a little excited.

Back to the carrot.
Totally picked up a bag of carrots the other day at Kroger's ('cause they are one of my favorite munching snacks!) and got this weird-looking fella in the bunch. I know sometimes carrots look funnier than others, but this one is particularly odd. Oh well, I'm still going to eat it. Yum!

I know, who in their right mind posts a picture of a carrot??? Well, me of course. Thought we all might use a little tiny laugh. Hope all has a happy day!

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