Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Okay...So, I Was in a Hurry...

Okay, I've shown you "pretty" food, now, here's the not-so-pretty. I know, you're thinking...what is heck is that???? Well, it looks like...can't say it...but, I think we all know what it looks like. *Sigh* I said I'd share my "bearable dishes" and I think this qualifies. Okay...fine...it's cookies. I know, right??? Look real close....Now you see it? Takes some imagination, but it is two cookies. Peanut butter with reese pieces, to be exact.

Well, these were suppose to be for a friend's birthday. I told her I'd make her peanut butter cookies since she loves peanut butter, a lot. I rushed home after work, mixed up the batter, rushed my hubby to night-class (currently both using one car, the other is in the shop), and came back home to bake these before a Stampin' club meeting at 6:30. These are my "Easy 1-2-3 Peanut Butter Cookies" which always turn out. Always, except, of course, this time. The exception, or as I refer to, the culprit (sounds more evil that way), was natural peanut butter. Well, heck. The natural stuff changed the cookie. Darn, hippies. JOKE! Well, these were still warm when I tasted and determined these were not fit to be "birthday cookies". To me, birthday deserve more tastiness...it's somebody's birthday for crying out loud! You want warm deliciousness, not disappointment or just "eh" (my husband favorite description, btw). So, I came to our stamping meeting empty handed with promises of birthday yumminess in the near (but ah, so distant) future.

However, when I came back home, of course Aaron (the husband) and I re-tasted. Since they had cooled, they did end up tasting okay-the reason for the "bearable" rating. Not bad, but not delicious. Still not up to the standard of "birthday". Guess I learned two, no, three lessons. 1) Don't use natural peanut butter for 1-2-3 PB cookies, 2) let the cookies cool, and 3) don't be in a hurry and make cookies that end up looking like.....

Still not gonna say it. Here's a fun game...use your imagination to post your own ideas of what these look like :), I won't take offense! Trust me, I think we all know what I think they look like.


  1. Hey girl!
    Well...they might not look pretty...but, I am guessing they still would taste good! love the blog!

  2. Lol Jen love the blog! They looked like a burnt crescent roll on my phone, but on a computer screen I can see that it was just a bad cookie...
    I am sure it tasted good though! I have had some bad looking cookies too, but they still rocked.
    Keep the post coming. It gives a good laugh. Miss you girly!
    The chicken looked very tasty and pretty pic;~.)
    Looks like I may have found a new chicken recipe.