Monday, March 7, 2011

Ah, the Great Beginnings...

Let's get the formalities over with. My name is Jennifer, and I like food. I love all things food, from reading nutrition labels, trying foods I've never had before, weird food, methods of cooking, various cuisines of cooking, etc...When it comes to food, you name it, I'm there (almost..don't LOVE the unhealthy grease-fests as a rule of thumb, but I have partaken in a few embarrassing grease binges *blush*).  Bottom line is I like to eat, but I often try to find the "healthier" versions of my favorite foods. So often, if I find a recipe, I tend to make a "lighter" version as long as it keeps the desired tastiness. So, I often experiment and try  new things (oh, the poor husband).

 Mind you, I come from a family of "instant" cooking. Alas, I grew up in the days where waifs of our of "Lee's Famous Chicken" filled our Sunday after-church dinners, meals were often of the microwave-nuked kind, and our potatoes were instant. 'Tis true, my mother was not a "from-scratch" cook. But mind you, she did cook (love your taco salad and no-bake cookies, Mom!). I just had to learn a few (okay...a lot of) basic things after marrying into a country-cooking family (I.E. From-scratch buttermilk biscuits, gravies, etc).

While I am no master-chef, I believe I have come a long way. I might say, some of my dinners are sometimes tasty! *Gasp* Who knew, the girl who had to learn how to make a pot of chili (like open the mix packet, add the cans of veggies, & brown meat-simple, I know), has come to attempt the makings of such things as home-made soft pretzels, chess bars, and chicken-biscuit pot pie. In my short time as a "wannabe", I have learned that cooking takes trial & error, love, passion, and darn-tootin' determination to keep on trying! Here's a shout to all those who came from "instant" cooking like mine and those who grew up with "down-home" cooking like my hubby. I'll share with you both my successes, bearable dishes, and failures if you would like a peek into the simple creations of a wannabe chef. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. You are AWESOME! And I don't mind being a guinea pig. It's all "yummy to my tummy"!